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A workshop on “Women Safety and Sexual Harassment” was held at DDPS Govindpuram by Utthan Samiti with the help of Ministry of Youth and Sports and SLAP presided by Satendra Singh Chairman Utthan Samiti.In the workshop many tips were given by Mriganka Dadwal and Satendra Singh briefed about legal aspects. Satendra Singh said that Every employer, employing 10 or more employees, has to constitute an Internal Committee as stipulated by Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act, 2013 (SHWW Act) and amongst four members, one of them will be a person familiar with the rules relating to sexual harassment of women at workplace. Also, creating awareness and orientation of the members of the committee by the employers is a statutory requirement under section 19(c) of the SHWW Act. He informed, that as per norms following Sexual Harassment it is mandatory to form a Committee, which Includes One member from Management, Three / Two women member from workmen, One Woman member from an NGO. Seema Raaj Vice principal also address to girls and said that this type of workshop is very important for our girls. Babita Singh also joined the workshop.