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Welcome to utthanindia official website http://www.utthanindia.org/ is offering non-tangible products and it is the responsibility of the donor to fully understand the product offered / support for cause before donating.

We make public our policy on refund and cancellation of donations received for the social cause on payment gateway as under:-

  • Once received the donation for a special cause will not be refunded to the donor. No cancellation to be made. The donation will be used for the community development, children education or women’s empowerment.
  • Because this online credit card, debit card, net banking donation we utilize & allocate for the specific purpose of poor beneficiaries. So there is no possibility to refund the amount after donating to “utthanindia” through online.
  • Utthanindia will not refund any donation amount in cash.
  • Donor cannot request refunds after supporting/donating for the social cause simply because they did not receive sign-up information, username/password, activation email & confirmation mail and/or are unable to access further required information instantly. If any of these problems occur, they can raise a complaint & request for related information by emailing us at utthanindiagzb@gmail.com in and we will promptly respond back with the missing details within 7 days. In many cases, such problems occur due to spam filters in the email servers of donor.
  • After online transaction Donor cannot request refunds because – if they think that donation plans are not suitable, not of satisfactory nature and/or of no interest to them anymore. All donation plans offered by Utthan Samiti are fully explained and donor is free to email us at in utthanindiagzb@gmail.com to seek more information about any donation plan prior / after support.

To request a refund, please contact Utthanindia office on Phone: or write to us on 9818036460  and 9818697406 utthanindiagzb@gmail.com Donations for any special events are not refundable.