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Efforts have been started by the Ghaziabad administration to escape Hindon. In the same sequence, about 10 thousand trees were planted by GDA, Municipal Corporation and District Administration in Attor on the banks of Hindon today. Many social organizations participated in this program with great enthusiasm. In the program, children from different schools presented programs and made attractive presentations. The program was inaugurated by Divisional Commissioner Prabhat Kumar inaugurating the logo of the campaign as the chief guest. GDA Vice President Smt Kanchan Verma and ADM Administration Shri Gyanendra Singh played an important role in the program. This work of these people is very commendable because I am also an environmental lover and consider myself an environmental servant and not an environmentalist? Therefore, I also took a plantation and took stock of the land and plantation there. Certainly, when these trees grow, the district will get the gift of another city forest. At the same time, we will get rid of pollution. There is a shortage of oxygen in the air chamber today, this area will cooperate in filling it. We have to develop such patches / pockets every 10 – 15 km. If we want to protect the future of our children then we have to pay attention to this.
It is also to be noted here that we should not just celebrate the campaign by planting trees, but we will have to serve like our sons till the plants grow, only then our campaign can be successful in this direction along with social institutions Administration will also have to pay attention. Otherwise, previous governments and previous administrative officials also planted crores of trees and planted more than 5 crore trees in one day and registered their names in the Guinness Book of World Records. Following the same governments, many environmentalists also planted crores of trees on paper, while in reality if the accounts of trees planted from them are asked, then the reality will be revealed. In the name of planting trees, crores of rupees have been rigged and revenue has been damaged. That is why the trees do not appear today, but the houses of those environmentalists and administrative officials are definitely filled, which are throwing open dust in the eyes of the public.