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Teej Utsav was organized in Avantika on behalf of Utthan Samiti. In which women took part in the climb. The most special thing of this Teej festival was that women along with entertainment also took a pledge to save the environment and distributed plants in pots to all the women present. All took an oath to plant and take care of them. Will also do. Babita Singh, general secretary of the uplift committee said that we should take care of the plants like our children. It is better to not plant a plant just by planting them and then to leave food to die. Just as we need to take care of our child for 5 years, they need to take care of these plants in the same way to make them grow. Applying a selfie is to send a photo with him, then send a photo for 5 years on each anniversary of it. Every year, every contestant who has the most plants will be rewarded. The plant which will have the maximum number of plants in 5 years will be rewarded along with the title of environmental protector the event was attended by Babita Singh, Uma Mishra, Deepali, Manju Mishra, etc.