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Along with the storage by the Uttaran Samiti, tree storage is also organized.
Like every year, a huge bhandara was organized by the Utthan Samiti under the Noida Labor Department Sector-3 on the occasion of Sawan. Kanya was worshiped before starting this bhandare. The special thing about the bhandare: On this occasion, a tree bhandara was also organized and distributed potted plants to the people. So that people know the importance of trees and people are aware of the environment. On this occasion, Chairman Satyendrasinh said that the rapid loss of oxygen from our atmosphere is a matter of great concern and trees are good sources of oxygen, so we should understand their utility and more and more around our homes, factories and business establishments. More plants should be planted as well as their care should be taken only when the amount of oxygen in our air system Dhegi. We should plant more and more people like Peepal, Neem, Vat, Pilkhan, etc., which give a lot of oxygen and also keep the air chamber clean. On this occasion RC Mathur, Raghavendra Singh, I S Varma, Dr. AK Singh (Assistant Labor Commissioner), Prabhakar Mishra (Assistant Labor Commissioner), Mahesh Singh (Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner) Gangeshwar Dutt Sharma, SK Sinha, Sujit Sinha etc. were present.